INI AVAL - Official Music Video INI AVAL - Official Music Video

Checkout this very beautiful and very intence music video of the song INI AVAL starring some really talented artists NR Dinosh, Naveena, Sutharsan, Pirrunthan.

Checkout the video and give your feedback and support to this team.

Music: MT Kavishankar
Direction: Beno Benedict
Story: Kavishankar, Beno Benedict
Cast: NR Dinosh, Naveena, Sutharsan, Pirrunthan
Singers: NR Dinosh, Meera Manohar (US)
Lyrics: NR Dinosh
D.0.P & Editing: Dilson Rajan
Flutist: Vijay Kannan
Mixing & Mastering: Thamizharasan (Sonic Pro Studios)
Involved Studios: Sonic Pro Studios(Chennai), Kavishankar Studios
Social Media: Thivagan Thurairajah
Title Design: Media Time
Title Track Mixing & Mastering: MT Kavishankar

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