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Alaikaltv review:

Checkout this brilliant music video "VENTHAMARAI" by C chord feat Mr Ant.
The song is composed by C Chord, and produced by Bacano Beatz Records starring some multi talented artists such as C Chord, Mr Ant and the beautiful actress Roisin Fahey.

The music and screenplay is extravagantly well done by C Chord alongside Mr. Ant; who was also the lyricist for this track.

Who is C Chord?
C Chord is a independent songwriter, rapper, and music producer based in London, UK.
Also the founder of Bacano Beatz Records.

His first song was released one year back with the name "KAMALINI". The song got over 25k views on YouTube and was a massive success within his career.

- He is now back with his second track; "VENTHAMARAI" which has just been released.

Who is Mr Ant?
Mr Ant is also an; independent lyricist and rapper based in London,UK.

His is also the lyricst and rapper of the song "KAMALINI". His first attempt was a poetry "YANAL" after which he started to write songs.

Song Review:
- The highlights of this music video would have to be the storytelling by C Chord, the ideology and concepts conveyed via the VFX & Cuts &by Shanker Indra, and the DOP by Beatriz Delgado Mena is nothing short off amazing.

We also have to mention the outstanding makeup and hair done by Linda Leonard, as well as the costumes by Sugitha Ramkumar.

Things that will catch your eyes: 
- Screenplay
- The new concept & Ideology
- Music
- Rap
- Lyrics
- VFX and DOP

This music video is very different from what you normally will see on the internet, its worth to check it out.

- We wish the whole team good luck with their future plans.

Again we have to say this is a amazing music video made by an incredibly talented tamil artist, and its worth your time to checkout and give your feedback and support to this wonderfully talented team.

I implore you to also checkout the first song "KAMALINI" , linked below:

- Review written by: Mithila Sellathurai

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